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How We're Getting Back to Work

      In today’s climate, we are in a constant state of worry about the unknown. Covid-19 has changed our lives in ways we believed to be impossible, completely shifting the way we run our schools, workplaces, businesses, and social interactions. 

      For business owners, this leads to confusion about the course of business going forward. We acknowledge that there is a general feeling of anxiety about not only the health and safety of our workers, but also the future of our businesses. 

      The best way to appease the anxiety of the unknown is with awareness, and awareness comes from data. We believe that in order to get back into the office and back to life, we need to empower our employees to feel comfortable and safe in their work environment based on what they know about their own health and the health of their colleagues. This feeling is not one that happens overnight, but rather one that is cultivated in the team through strong and innovative leadership.

      At Haig Service, we are doing just that with the help of WHOOP fitness tracker bands. These bands track sleep, daily recovery, strain levels, and most importantly to us right now, respiratory rates. A sharp increase in respiratory rate has recently been proven to be an early indicator of Covid-19, as the body works harder to compensate for lack of oxygen. The WHOOP fitness tracker reveals the increased respiratory rate up to 3 days before an individual may even feel sick, making it an extremely useful tool for preventing the spread of both symptomatic and asymptomatic Covid-19 in the workplace. Business leaders can make informed and confident decisions about their company when employees and all stakeholders can feel aware and empowered enough to advocate for their own health and well being. Using this tool, all can feel safe in the idea that their  safety and health are a top priority as they return to work. 

      We’re not the only ones using WHOOP bands to get our operations up and running again. The Professional Golfers’ Association recently purchased 1,000 WHOOP straps for players, caddies, employees, and others involved in making the 2020 PGA Tour happen this summer. With every individual involved in the tour wearing the strap, they can focus on the golf instead of the fear of spreading illness amongst members. As WHOOP gains more traction after discovering their ability to track early signs of Covid-19 infection, they are becoming an increasingly important player in getting others back to work, sports leagues, and schools.

      WHOOP is now rolling out the implementation of their fitness trackers throughout corporations to focus on getting people back to work. Here at Haig Service, with WHOOP we are aware and we are prepared to mitigate risk before it becomes uncontrollable. We have been using and will continue to use WHOOP’s platform as a means of keeping our employees safe and giving us all peace of mind as the economy continues to open up.

      Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the tools we have been using to protect our employees and how we’re getting back to work!

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