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Shifting the Narrative: Reducing Resistance and Embracing the Technological Revolution

     In the modern world, technology has become increasingly prevalent in both our businesses and personal lives; though this technological revolution is not a new feat, its limits are now tested in our pandemic stricken world.


     We all face a choice: do we embrace this accelerated technological takeover, or do we succumb to the fear of change, thus preventing us from moving forward. At Haig Service, we encourage you to stand with us and work together to navigate this new normal and emerge stronger than ever before.


     An essential component of this digital transition is transparency. We acknowledge the societal resistance and uncertainty that surrounds this hastened transition, but view it as necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other current events. Questions about how to use technology as well as data security related questions are at the forefront of all of our minds right now, and we believe best practices involve authenticity and reassurance through addressing these logical and valid concerns, thus establishing trust and reducing uncertainty. 


     In the security industry, much of what we do relies on numbers and data; this information is what allows us to keep you safe. Embracing technology and figuring out how to use it to our advantage to keep you safe has been our priority.


     At Haig Service, all of our employees wear a WHOOP band. This band not only helps maintain individual well being, but provides other health related data including the wearer’s respiratory and heart rate; these are key indicators that we use to assure our workers are healthy, and helps us ensure that our clients are not at risk. We use the WHOOP band because in addition to tracking heart rate and calories, the WHOOP has unique features including respiratory rate, recovery, and in depth sleep data that set it apart from other similar products.


     The security is in the data: knowing our workers have regular respiratory patterns is our way of leveraging technology to ensure a safe transition back to in person services, and to give our clients peace of mind. An article from Singularity University advocates for a similar approach, specifically utilizing wearable technology.


     Society has been turned upside down, and the digital era has not only facilitated a majority of business being conducted online, but our personal lives have also become centered around online brand and presence. We urge you to look ahead with a growth mindset, and specifically, to embrace technology with us.

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