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Haig Service Corporation

With extensive industry experience and an acute understanding of the marketplace, Haig Service has emerged as a leader in Critical Life Safety Solutions.

Our mission is simple: to combine the latest in cost-efficient technology, an experienced staff and seamless systems integration to ensure the safety and security of personnel and assets. Our goal is to enhance and expand our service offerings in the top 100 markets globally.

Our value comes from our approach: we partner with our clients from the very beginning; assessing their needs and concerns and working together to design a system that is integrated, reliable, customized and cost-efficient.

As our industry increasingly relies on Internet Protocol (IP) products, Haig Service understands that critical data management and delivery is paramount to our clients' safety and security needs. We provide all of our clients with a dashboard solution where they can access and monitor their safety and security data 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

We offer a full suite of Critical Communications Solutions including Integrated Access Control Systems, Fire and Security Alarm Systems, CCTV, Monitoring, Service, Inspections and Maintenance.

About Us

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