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Be Prepared in a Fire Emergency When You Switch to Cellular Data 

Utilizing the latest LTE cellular technology, our StarLink Fire Universal Wireless Alarm Communicators seamlessly links your business to the necessary authorities. We leverage the most extensive, cyber-secured cellular/IP LTE networks, guaranteeing fast and reliable assistance in any emergency. 

Conventional landline systems are prone to safety breaches and cost you more in the long run. Fire alarm and security alarm systems have specific requirements under code that fail with traditional, copper landlines.

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Ensure the safety of your premises, property, business, staff, and customers through 24/7 professional monitoring and swift emergency response for your fire alarm.

Getting a New Fire Alarm System Installed? 

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Haig Service Corporation sets you up with a Starlink Radio dialer. For existing customers, we proactively support you. This is particularly helpful for those experiencing issues with their phone lines, as it ensures a smoother transition and addresses any ongoing connectivity problems. The installation cost is a flat rate of $795, with a monthly charge of $50 thereafter. 


Why does my fire alarm system also need an upgrade? 

Your fire alarm system currently uses cellular networks to report emergencies and provide quick response.  With recent changes in phone networks and the phasing out of 3G & CDMA, it's essential to upgrade the system. This will maintain its reliability in safeguarding lives, employees, clients, and property during emergencies.

Do I need to replace the entire fire alarm system to stay compatible with modern cellular networks? 

No, you don’t need a whole new fire alarm system, just a no-fuss, no-mess cellular communicator update. Keep it working with today’s cellular networks, and ensure it keeps reporting fire alarms and sending for help in an emergency.

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HSC Fire Alarm and Safety Services

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Certified, experienced and friendly installation and service technicians.

Fully integrated systems, as well as stand-alone systems.

The latest and most reliable products.

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Inspection Services

Providing reliable and effective fire alarm systems, Haig Service Corp helps businesses ensure fire alarm systems are always functioning properly.

  • Highly trained and experienced professionals who specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of fire safety systems. 

  • The latest technologies and equipment ensure that life safety systems are state-of-the-art and operate at peak efficiency.

  • We provide ongoing maintenance and support to clients to ensure life safety systems remain in optimal condition.

We take pride in providing the highest level of service to their clients to ensure that their properties are always protected.

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