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Get Hours Back
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Support staff.

Up-level tasks.

Work faster.

Boost overall productivity.

Service robots complement human workers rather than replace them entirely. 

Combining the strengths of both humans and robots, businesses can achieve optimal cleaning outcomes and create a harmonious work environment.

By automating repetitive and time-consuming cleaning tasks, service robots free up human cleaning staff to focus on more complex and value-added activities. This allows businesses to utilize their human workforce more effectively and achieve higher overall productivity.

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Haig Service Corp is a proud Softbank Robotics Premier Tech Partner 

We offer support on deployment and invest in making cobotics successful for your business. 

An autonomous vacuum sweeper that's completely reinventing commercial carpet cleaning. Incorporating service robotics into cleaning operations demonstrates a commitment to embracing technological advancements and improving employee experiences. 

Utilize your workforce more effectively by combining the strengths of human and robot workforce.


Collaborative Robotics you can trust.

Cobotics (noun)

Learn more about how service robotics can benefit your business and employees.

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Enhance Productivity
Reduce Turnover

On average, an entire cleaning staff changes twice in one year, at a 200% turnover.

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Depend on a service robot for consistency in automated tasks. Reduce back-breaking labor to reduce turnover and improve the employee experience with managerial responsibilities.

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