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Ready to Explore Automated Cleaning?

In today's fast-paced work environment, maintaining a pristine workplace is paramount for the success and well-being of your business and its members. 

Guaranteeing a clean and hygienic work environment is crucial for the success of your business. We are here to introduce a revolutionary solution to transform the way you approach cleaning and sanitation.

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Commerical Robot Vacuum 

Whiz is a commercial robot vacuum built on a trusted AI platform to deliver reassurance in your space through visible, marketable, and effective cleaning automation technology. Whiz Connect, a SaaS application integrated with Whiz, combines cleaning metrics and data- driven analytics features to help monitor and improve your environment’s health and safety. Whiz is powered by BrainOS, the award-winning intelligent navigation platform.

Whiz Commerical Robot Vacuum

Automate a consistent clean for your business.

  • Higher Quality, more efficient cleaning 

  • Expanded service capabilities and optimized operations 

  • Reduce the impact of labor shortages and turnover

  • Innovative to enhance the staff and customer experience 

Scrubber 50 Pro
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Scrubber 50 Pro

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S50 Pro simplifies the floor cleaning process with little need for human intervention.  It perceives environmental changes, updates the map and reroutes itself in real time -- you don’t need to stand by to save it from getting lost or stuck. With the optional workstation, the robot can perform automatic power charging and water refill by itself. 

  • Smart obstacle avoidance and rerouting

  • One-stop service workstation

  • Autonomously cleans 8,000-12,000 sq. ft. per hour

  • Medium-sized scrubber with unique recycling system, allowing continuous operation for up to 3 hours

Ready to Automate Cleaning?

We are here to introduce a revolutionary solution that promises to transform the way you approach cleaning and sanitation.

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Case Study: How Wicomico County Schools Transformed Their Cleaning Operations

See how Whiz has saved them 100s of man-hours while achieving a better clean

Since deploying Whiz in August 2022 at an elementary school and administrative building, the school district has achieved the following:

  • 550+ hours of autonomous run time

  • 2.1 M sq. ft. vacuumed

  • $5.70 hourly vacuum rate

  • 2X improvement in overall cleanliness

Haig Service Corp is a proud
Softbank Robotics Premier Tech Partner 

Learn more about how service robotics can benefit your business and employees.

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