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The Team!

Brandon's career in the security industry spans 25 years, 20 of those years owning his own successful security & life safety business. Ready to take on a role with a larger team, he joined with Haig Service Corp in November of 2019. Working predominately from the New Jersey office he has taken a business development role excited to bring his level of knowledge of business and corporate development to Haig Service. Over the years Brandon has developed many close client relationships that continue to do business with us today. He enjoys taking care of the client, through the product, service and installation programs that meet each client’s custom needs.


"I get a high level of satisfaction when I see the expression on someone’s face of what they can do with the products we ultimately install for them. Plus, I enjoy these products myself, so it’s a real joy doing the work that I do for myself and for the end user"


He is excited to continue growing the company and sees great opportunity to improve the life safety and wellness industry as we adjust to the new normal of the Covid-19 world. Brandon is enthusiastic about how evolving security and life safety system will reshape the workplace and public gatherings, and he is excited to be at the forefront of innovation in life safety at such a crucial time.

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Richard Haig has a successful track record of over thirty-five years as an entrepreneur, executive and principal of a privately held fire and security service company. He has founded, grown, and/or acquired and assimilated several companies, including Aerwav Integration Services, Inc, PM Alarms, Residential Systems Sales, Inc, Airwaves Security, Inc., and Premier Security & Electronics. Richard's experience also includes acquisitions and franchising on a national level of other recurring revenue models in the fitness, health, and wellness sector.

Richard Haig


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