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We're an end to end solution provider utilizing data-driven technology in areas such as: 

Use our analytics-based technology in order to protect and monitor your everyday life. 

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Our Services

We offer a full suite of Critical Communications Solutions including integrated access control systems, fire and security systems, surveillance, monitoring, service and maintenance. We customize integrated electronic safety and security systems to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems are a vital component to building safety. Whether for your home or business they are always there and running in the background. At Haig Service we take this portion, life safety, of our business very seriously. From quality installations, monitoring andinspection services, our staff and crews are specially trained on a myriad of systems and components. 


Intrusion Alarms

When you move forward to secure your business with Haig Service Corp, you've done your part - now we'll do ours. Our security professionals' factor in each of your concerns and vulnerabilities to strategically install your intrusion detection solutions. Rest easy knowing your security system is designed, tested, and functioning properly, providing reliable monitored protection you can count on and a team you can trust.


Access Control

Whether you choose to manage your employees' access capabilities with key cards, fobs, or badges, every Haig Service Corp access control solution is tailored for your unique business environment, allowing employees and visitors to come together safely. Using card readers and door locks at specific egress points within your facility we design an access system to help improve your employees' safety and protect your assets from internal and external factors.


Intercom Systems

Mostly found in high rise apartment buildings, Audio and Video intercom systems designed to guard your main entries provide Haig Service Corp clients another layer in keeping their residents safe and secure. Visitors will have to stop at an egress point to request entry into the facility. Residents can then verify, communicate & view the visitor, granting or declining access to the building. Combine this with an Access & Surveillance system for a truly powerful entry control & tracking system.


CCTV Systems

Surveillance is a core part of our business. This high tech component is designed to monitor, record, now with analytics, provide notifications and relevant data about your business. Keeping an eye on your property, operations, entry flow, staff or other important aspects of your business 24/7, these systems provide the stored liability protections and visibility that nothing else can. 

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Thermal Imaging

The latest in high tech camera systems, thermal imaging can give insights that a typical surveillance cannot. Helping to detect fevers and night time imaging, these cameras have come a long way very quickly. As we begin to deploy them in housing facilities and schools we can see the safety benefits allowing us to safely and smartly gather as one again.  

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