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The World in Fast Forward: Leveraging Technology in a Safe and Data Driven Manner

     The pandemic has brought forth a rapid, and quite sudden transition to a digital lifestyle. We have essentially hit the fast forward 10 years ahead in regard to the role of technology in our everyday lives. Let’s rise to the occasion and use our technological resources to our advantage! 


     Acknowledging the many benefits technology brings to the table is key in emerging on top. How can we best rise to the challenge and leverage technology to move forward? Could it be through training workers and employees to master new software programs? Or perhaps innovating our personal and business brands through an increased online presence? 


     We believe many of the answers we seek can be found in the numbers. One of the greatest strengths of technology is the information it provides, and how we use this data is crucial. By analyzing the market demands and engaging one another online, we strive to strengthen relationships, gain insight into the future, and understand how to prepare and progress. 


     Haig Service is here to revolutionize knowledge work in our industry. We are working to educate ourselves and our employees to further technological knowledge and identify the skills that have increasing value and are in line with our purpose. Additionally, using thermal imaging cameras and other in house technology gives us factual, quantitative data. These concrete numbers, as opposed to information that is purely subjective, have helped us to establish a low risk environment, and have helped our employees feel secure and know their health is not being compromised. 


     Regardless of your industry, location, or background, there are numerous technological advantages and solutions that you could be using to your benefit. Whether it’s a WHOOP band, thermal imaging cameras, or any other device, there is a course of action that can and will help you regain control during these uncertain times.

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