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Unite On Purpose: What is Our Purpose?

     This past week, Haig Service participated in the incredible Unite on Purpose campaign. We stand together with businesses around the globe to facilitate the shift into a new purpose driven era.

    Our purpose at Haig Service is to Empower all to be Safe in Numbers. We believe in the core values such as propinquity, resilience, and safety, and aim to aid society in reclaiming these values in the midst of a global pandemic. Check out our blog posts to learn more about these values, and how each embodies our goals and beliefs. 

    We recognize the power in numbers, both among people and in data. It is only with a growth mindset that we can power through and move forward. This mindset is rooted in having the confidence that you will make it through even the toughest of times, and embracing change that is out of your control. Part of adapting this mindset is looking at how society is quickly advancing, and seeking to learn about and leverage the benefits of technology and data rather than fearing it. Key in accomplishing this is understanding the importance of propinquity, resilience, and belonging, among other concepts guiding us through this time. It is with this mindset, ideals, and our purpose that we will work to eliminate the distance, regain trust in data, and be able to come together and gather as one. 

    If you follow us on social media, you’ve likely seen our Unite on Purpose video, where our CEO and fearless leader, Richard Haig,  highlights our purpose of empowering all to be safe in numbers. Business leaders around the world have created similar videos, each incorporating their own purpose, and banding together in joining The Quiet Revolution. You also may have stumbled across a few (or more) yellow profile pictures with various business leaders doing the “shuush” hand sign, showing their participation in and support for this quiet revolution and the Unite on Purpose movement.

    Our outlook has been absolutely transformed, helping us to become the progressive, purpose driven thought leaders you see here today. A special thanks to Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw in directing their incredible program via BoB Earth: The L&D program has taken us into the 21st century, preparing us for the new era of purpose, and getting us on board with what it entails.  It has been an absolute privilege to collaborate with BoB Earth and other incredible entrepreneurs in our quest to Unite on Purpose. Look out for more posts about how we are Empowering All to be Safe in Numbers.

     Now we invite you to take part in the movement. What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do? How do you want to make an impact? It is these questions that led us to discovering our purpose, and we encourage you all to join us in shifting industries and changing the world. Now is the time to kickstart the economy and Unite on Purpose!!

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