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     At Haig Service we’ve worked to transition our focus to why: Why do we do what we do? Who are we impacting? We turn to core values that exemplify our purpose and keep us actively thinking about what we are working towards. This past month we partook in the Unite on Purpose campaign, now we want to give an inside look about why we lead with purpose, and why this purpose and values are so important to Haig Service.


The Value of Propinquity and Connection

The pandemic is to blame for a variety of setbacks including lost revenue. This lost revenue can be quantified in economic terms, such as GDP; we believe, however, that the loss of revenue expands beyond this and would advocate for the largest revenue deficits resulting from loss of connection.

    In many of our blog posts, we focus on the benefits of gathering, touching on propinquity, belonging, resilience, or trust. From a broader perspective, these components together drive the value that comes from gathering. We believe that this value is crucial, and can be quantified through the loss of knowledge, and measured by what is termed the analytical third. 

The Analytical Third

     The term analytical third is a term we’ve adopted from psychology, which we define as the equivalent of 1+1=3. How is this possible you may ask? We believe that the analytical third is the product of two individuals coming in with their own unique ideas and perspectives; the cultivation of the analytical third is rooted in the combined thoughts and transfer of knowledge from one person to another, displayed in verbal and nonverbal expressions and emotions. Without propinquity and gathering there's no analytical third.

Propinquity, Resilience and Belonging

     Propinquity is an innate desire; our minds are wired to want and benefit from physical proximity, both emotionally and intellectually. Implicitly, we know that being in close proximity with someone provides the opportunity for interaction and knowledge to be shared (i.e. the analytical third!). With this in mind we elevate propinquity as a core value and promise to once again foster safe gathering and allow for propinquity and the resulting transfer of knowledge, and ultimately allow us to experience the benefits of the analytical third.

     Resilience is another core value and a theme that has resonated with many this past year. We advocate for others to choose a path of resilience while working towards this goal ourselves. Giving up is easy, resilience is not; we continue to strive towards reintegration reengagement, and aim to provide mechanisms of resilience to our clients. Bouncing back and looking forward instead of behind are key in tackling challenges with a resilient mindset. Now more than ever the world needs to be resilient. We have been dealt a hand that’s less than ideal, to say the least, but what we do with that hand is a decision not a given. Decide to be resilient and let us inspire the resilience in you and provide opportunities to share this resilience with others.

     Belonging is the third of our central values at Haig Service.  We want to and believe in bringing people back together and facilitating the reemergence of physical belonging and propinquity. We are resilient and will once again come together, experiencing the positive effect of propinquity, belonging, and the value of the analytical third.

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